On Blitzen…

Cyber Monday got the best of me…

I was browsing on FR Sport and saw that the Blitz LM Type CS intercooler core was on sale for about $220 off. I had been hoping to sell the ETS core that came with the car to pick something else up, so this was too good of a deal to pass up. The core is a bit thinner than the ETS, and I am sure there are reasons related to performance that show that the Blitz is not as nice, but as you guys will see soon enough, I am a sucker for Japanese products.

Always fun to come home to a big ol box!


The contents. I ended up reusing the couplers and t-bolt clamps that were on the car already.


It seems to be common practice for people to run intercoolers with logos stenciled on them in the Evo world: ETS, AMS, etc. This wasn’t as common in the 240 scene, so I never really went through with it. The ricer in me decided to whip up a Blitz stencil for the intercooler and spray it on before I installed it:


Front bumper removal was straight forward. It’s always a little intimidating to do something like this on a car you are not super familiar with, but it was off within 15 minutes:


Old core removed and new core painted and installed. My car came with an ETS lower pipe, but I need to replace the other factory piping at some point down the road. I’ll save that for another day:


Some completed photos of the dirty car before I left for work this morning:




I’m getting more and more happy with the car as I have time to work on it. I’ve got a couple other things on the way, I just need the time to actually work on it! I had planned to get a lot more work done, but the time always seems to just slip away.


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4 Responses to On Blitzen…

  1. Steve says:

    I loved your 180sx/240sx and it’s sad to see it gone but…. an Evo is a great direction to go in, so maybe some more inspiration found here?…. http://www.importtuner.com/features/0704_impp_2005_mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_8_gsr/viewall.html
    (I find myself really appreciating any build from mr jdmego himself, this Evo8 of his is no exception.)

  2. Keir says:

    The template came out pretty good. Knowing how nice your 240 was, im interested in see how this project turns out too.

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