Evo Update

Well, it’s been a long time since I have checked in! My apologizes. Life is busier than ever, and due to the fact that the Evo is my daily, the updates simply don’t happen as frequently as they did with the 240. It’s a change of pace, but I’m really enjoying not having to stress about working on my car. It’s a bit more enjoyable to complete small projects/installs on the weekends from time to time. I’ve also been writing freelance features for Modified magazine each month, so that’s taking a bit of my free time as well. Lots of fun though!

So, let’s see… I guess I will break things down by category.

Engine/ Engine Bay:

This has been my main focus area with the car so far. I’m not really sure why, since it is just a daily driver. Maybe because I didn’t feel like I quite finished the small details on the 240 engine bay before I decided to part it out. I’ve added a few pieces that I think are cool to the bay:

Wrinkle red valve cover
Silver ceramic coated turbo manifold
ARC airbox
ARC spark plug cover
ARC exhaust manifold shield
ARC radiator cooling panel
Tomei O2 housing
Tomei downpipe
Tomei titanium test pipe
Tomei titanium catback
Tomei oil cap

I’ve also got a set of HKS 272 cams to install, but I will be waiting until the weather warms up a bit. I’ll have the car tuned as soon as those are in. For now, I’ve been taking it easy and for the most part staying out of boost.

My only other plans for the bay are to do something about the stock upper intercooler pipe, and the ugly Optima battery. It’s pushing five years old anyway, so it is due to be replaced. That should just about take care of the bay!


Again, not a lot has changed exterior wise, but I do feel it looks a lot better than when I bought it. The rear Mitsubishi emblem has been removed. I sold the knock off VIII MR tails and picked up a set of OEM JDM VII tails. A Perrin short antenna and JDM amber sidemarkers are pretty much the only other visual changes to the exterior. I also removed the window tint that was on the car, which I think helped it look a lot better. I’m hoping to do the JDM rear bumper soon to make the new exhaust sit correctly.

Suspension/ Wheels & Tires

As I think I mentioned before, I sold the XXR wheels that came with the car. I picked up a set of factory Evo VIII wheels and some Hankook snow tires, which I have been super happy with this winter. I ended up going with some bronze Work CR Kai 18×9.5 +20 wheels for summer rollers. Hopefully it will look pretty cool. I’ll install those with a set of KW V3 coilovers and some summer rubber later this year- hopefully by the end of April or so.

Not a lot has changed with the suspension just yet. PT got me a great deal on some front and rear three point Cusco strut tower braces, so I was able to install those last weekend. I also picked up a pair of Cusco camber plates to use with the KW’s when those are installed:


The interior has basically been a restoration project. I removed the gauges that were mounted on the steering column and replaced a few panels that were damaged or missing. I went with an MR shifter trim panel, JDM CF Evolution badge, and two shift knobs that I have been switching between: a Tomei Duracon and an ARC knob. I have found that the Tomei is nicer in colder temps, but I’ll probably switch back to the ARC when things warm up a bit:

Broadfield has a spare climate control trim and my Defi Advance CR gauges from the 240 in his possession right now, so those are going to be mounted where the radio currently resides. I also picked up a Nardi Deep Corn 330mm steering wheel that I have yet to install:

So that’s about where the car stands at this point! I’m excited for the weather to get nice so that I can tune the car, throw the wheels on, and enjoy it. It’s tough having to subject your car to rain, snow, and salt all winter! Can’t wait for nicer weather.

Bonus: quick video of the current idle with the GSC S1 cams the car came with and the new exhaust:

I’ll try to do a bit better at keeping this updated. Thanks for sticking around!


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