When Life Throws You Babies…

So, I missed a weekly installment of the GS build. That’s because my wife and I’s second daughter arrived on Sunday, March 30th just under three weeks ahead of her due date! My first was born on her actual due date, so I really didn’t expect Hattie to be born as quickly as she was- but that’s the way it goes with kids sometimes! I’m happy to report that my whole family is healthy and doing awesome, so I’m definitely grateful about that!

Let’s see- shortly after my last update, I was able to get the engine on the stand. It’s nice to be able to move it around in the garage now and keep it out of the way:

A few maintenance items arrived for the engine including OEM Toyota timing belt tensioner, idler, water pump (not pictured), cam seals, crank seal, drive belt, and an HKS timing belt. Another order of maintenance items for the engine and transmission will be here Wednesday, which should allow me to get the drivetrain assembled and ready to drop into the car. My goal is to have it sitting nicely in the bay sometime in early May.

I spent a lot of time trying to install the clutch pedal and clutch master assemblies and I am happy to say I’m getting pretty close. I am using the JZA80 Supra components and had to cut two brackets off of the clutch pedal bracket to get it to come close to fitting. It’s a tight fit with the brake pedal, but I think after I build my steel brace running to one of the studs from the old foot-style emergency brake pedal it should all fit OK. If not, I’ll have to look into cutting and welding the clutch pedal and/or brake pedal arms.

I was hoping to utilize the JZA80 brake pedal assembly, but it doesn’t quite work like I had hoped. Here is is next to the GS brake pedal assembly that I will end up cutting down to fit better:

Space is VERY limited down here which does not make it easy. The clutch pedal will move about a half an inch to the left as soon as the new bracket is fitted, which I am hoping will be enough to clear the brake pedal and not feel too awkward. But we’ll see how it goes…

I’ve made good progress on the interior and I think I finally have all of the pieces I need to install it. I was able to put the mirror, headliner and overhead lights, A/B/C pillar covers, rear speaker deck, and seatbelts back into the car. I just need to finish up the clutch pedal install and order my steering wheel/hub and that should allow me to get the full interior reinstalled. Looking forward to having it all together since it was torn apart when I bought the car and I haven’t even been able to sit in there.

It looks pretty bad here due to the flash, but I think I am going to go back and paint some of the remaining grey items black. They look a bit out of place right now with the darker pillars and headliner. I’m hesitant to even post this at this stage, but I am confident I’ll be able to pull it all together:

The pigtail was cut on the mirror I got, so I had to do a little soldering work before it could go in:

I found a cheap set of JDM black wood trim for the doors and decided to snag it. I think I like the painted trim I had done better, but the jury is still out on which I want to use:

I picked up my front and rear seats as well as a bunch of other interior parts I still needed from the Greyhound station a couple days after my daughter was born. The seats aren’t in the best condition, but they’ll definitely work for now until I can get something cooler in there down the road.

Found a good deal on an HKS fuel cut defencer and decided to snag that. I’ve heard these are great to have for this swap, but I honestly haven’t even looked into how it works too much just yet.

So that’s about where everything sits right now. Waiting on those parts to come in from Drift Motion this week and I should have just about all that I need to freshen the engine and transmission up and bolt them together. Hoping I might have the time over the weekend to at least get time timing belt job done and go from there. As usual though, I keep losing focus and jumping between tasks. I’m anxious to get the pedals done and the interior together as well, so we’ll see which project I tackle first.

Warm weather is making me excited for more progress! (Despite the fact that snow is on the way tonight…) Thanks for reading and bearing with me. Updates should resume their regular weekly schedule from now on.



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2 Responses to When Life Throws You Babies…

  1. xroadpirate says:

    Congrats on your second child! Ours is due mid next month…hopefully he doesn’t come too early! Haha. But great progress on the build as always, keep up the great work!

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