One Snap

I’ve been really anxious to post here, but things have been very hectic as of late. I haven’t done much as I am waiting for my rear wheels and I need to order tires, but here’s one snap of how the car sits now in a mocked up state for anyone that happens to check out my blog.


Full details soon. 👀


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4 Responses to One Snap

  1. Alex says:

    Para-pa-pa-pa, I’m loving it! I’m really enjoying where you’re going with this!

  2. ayzx says:

    K-style! looks good man! are you just waiting for aero now or does the engine need a little more tweaking?

    • Thanks! I need to finish installing the aero as it is just mocked up here. The hood is still another 2-3 weeks out as the shipment got delayed, so I will probably just use the stock one until it arrives. The main thing I am waiting on is the rear wheels and a set of tires!

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