It’s finally getting really nice out here in Michigan. Today it was 82 or so and in the evenings it’s perfect since the bugs aren’t out yet.

Alicia is at the store and the girls are asleep so I’ve been tinkering with my car. I adjusted the angle of the seat like my friend Jimmy said to and it’s pretty comfy now. I really like my interior now aside from the obvious lack of a safety 21 roll cage. Still waiting on my oil pressure gauge and then I can install those too.

I tried to put my rear Hot Road valence on last night again and thought I had it, but the tape is already failing. I’m going to try a new method next week and I think it will be all set. I was frustrated with the FRP aero and wanted to sell it and get OEM kouki aero, but I think I will stick with it and get it to work.

I got my blow off valve back from being welded today and put that on. Now I can start the car up again which is always fun. I’ve been peeling the tape off of the car from the JDM window visors I used to have and am done with one side.

My hood should be to GTR Garage in Portland with any luck late next week and then it will ship here. It’s been four and a half months so I’m really excited. No idea where my rear wheels are though and that bums me out. I really hope they are done soon so I can put this thing on the ground. Tires should arrive next week.

It feels like I don’t have much time or the items I need to finish lately so I haven’t been doing a whole lot. I hope it finally comes together soon so I can enjoy the nice weather!

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to buy your mom a gift! More quick hot updates like this soon I hope.


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2 Responses to Warmth

  1. ayzx says:

    sucks to be waiting on parts and not knowing what’s up. I’m in that position. what’s making you go with safety 21 this time around instead of Cusco? change things up?

    • Yeah more or less. Thinking a black cage might look cool instead of the blue this time around. We’ll see though!

      Waiting for stuff with no status is always hard. Wish I had some rear wheels to bum from someone so I could get it on the ground. We’ll see what happens!

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