Some Snaps

I decided to mess around with my camera while the family was outside this evening. It’s really nice that it has been staying light out longer and I have been able to work outside without a closed garage door and a space heater for a change (even though it’s supposed to be 34 tonight, lol.)

Last night I finally got my Hot Road rear valence installed. It took a lot of trial and error and it still isn’t perfect, but I think it’s finally close enough. Next I’ll move on to the side skirts and then finally I will fit the front bumper.

Really love the look of this aero the more I mess with it. Hopefully I can do it justice when it’s on the ground. My Hot Road hood is finally due to hit the states Friday, so fingers crossed that happens!


My oil pressure gauge arrived yesterday completing the combo I’ve been collecting. I picked up a 60mm hole saw bit to install them in the dash, so I’m going to work on measuring it out tonight and will hopefully get to it tomorrow night. I’m nervous to ruin an uncracked dash but it’s necessary to get the look I want.

I’ve been debating a 330mm Nardi instead of my 350mm from the Atisto, but I’ll probably just keep it. I need a new OEM shift boot as this one is from the donor coupe and it’s pretty ratty.

A Safety 21 cage sure would look nice here wouldn’t it? Can’t wait.

Really happy with these seats. Huge thanks to Jesse Streeter and my homie Brett for helping me get these stateside!

The lips for my rear wheels are supposed to be at VR wheels tomorrow. They told me the wheels will be completed and ready to ship in about a week, so hopefully that pans out. My tires will be here tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get the fronts mounted and do the rears when they arrive.

That’s all for now I guess. Ugh I’m SO ANXIOUS to get this car out of the garage! It finally feels attainable. Can’t wait to see how all the hard work pays off.

I’ll keep ya posted! Thank you for looking.


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1 Response to Some Snaps

  1. ayzx says:

    man. that dash. had no problem cutting up mine for my defi’s but yours is so pristine…

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