I like calling gauges meters, lol. Tonight I finally bit the bullet and installed my Defi Link Meter gauges into my dashboard. I always wanted to try this when I had the car before, but I never wanted to ruin my mint dashboard. Tonight I exclaimed “YOLO” and started going wild with the hole saw bit.


I have five meters right now so I’m not sure if I will just keep the four in the dash or leave one extra one on the dash in a gauge cup like I currently have mocked up. We’ll see!



Thanks to Itai, BH, and Olly for inspiring me to make this happen. Pretty excited about the look!


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8 Responses to Meters

  1. So glad you did, looks awesome man. 60mm is best!

  2. Oliver says:

    Really clean job dude! Most people butcher their dash when they try this

  3. bhworld says:


  4. hadie says:

    what hole saw bit did you used? i dot want to butcher mine with cheap saw bit, as i did with my previous dash haha

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