Out of the Garage

Here’s a quick walk around video of the car out of the garage. Pretty stoked! I’ll post more details soon!

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2 Responses to Out of the Garage

  1. a13x. says:

    awesome build, very inspiring. I looked on this site since you got your old chassis back. good work! Now the car is together and I’d have to say something is missing. Maybe its only the Nissan Logo on the bumper or the KP hood. The Z2’s might look better if you had 18″ up front.

    Just saw your post on zilvia on your old silver TE’s Lol 😀

    • Thanks a lot! And yeah, I was worried about the emblem thing but I actually can dig it without. Hot Road aero doesn’t have an indent in the bumper for the emblem so that is why I went without. I think the hood will really tie it all together and set it off so I am really looking forward to that being on there!

      I really prefer the look of 17″ wheels on the front of an S13. 18″ is just too much IMO, but I know a lot of people disagree. I love the look of 17/18! And yeah, I love those TEs but I think I will stick with the Z2s for this year!

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