Koguchi Power

Well, I figured that if I put my stock hood back on (which caused me to need to remove the hood pins and move the factory latches back) the body shop would finish my Kogichi Power hood, and my hypothesis was correct. I was hoping they would call me a day in advance so that I could drive to work without my hood on and pick it up, but that wasn’t the case. The body shop called Friday afternoon and said the hood was ready to be picked up. 

I left the office and drove to my cousin’s house to pick up his huge Dodge truck. He lives on a dirt road in the country and I was worried about my car making it, but luckily the roads were in pretty good shape. I put the hood in his truck and dropped it off at my mom’s place to install later in the weekend. 

I spent some time Saturday night vacuuming out my car. I hadn’t really cleaned the interior since getting it back on the road so that was nice. I’ve been thinking about putting a back seat in it again, but it looks really cool with just the X brace in there.

My friend Tony gave me this privacy cover when I was in Indiana at his place so I figured it would be a good idea to notch it for this X brace and use it. It will be nice to block our luggage and stuff on the Final Bout II trip. 

Yesterday we went to my mom’s house to visit and I was able to install my hood. I’m pretty pleased with how the car looks. I was able to get the stock latch to fit along with the Cusco pins so that will add some extra reassurance about it staying in place. 

The girls ended up playing in the car for a while and seemed to be having a good time. 

I picked up some new wheels that should be here this week and plan to sell the Blitz as long as I’m happy with them. I have a couple pairs of mirrors coming too that I need to choose from. 

I’m really happy with the car right now and looking forward to Final Bout. It’s going to be great to see everyone! I’ll post the new wheels soon. Drop me a line if you might be interested in the Blitz!


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