It’s August

Summer is flying by too quickly as usual. I lost a lot more of the month of July than I had originally anticipated. When installing my new oil pan I botched the RTV seal during the first attempt and ultimately had to remove it and redo the whole process to get it to seal properly. It was a huge hassle, but I am glad that it is finally on the car and sealed up properly.


While the car was apart I also installed my GReddy sandwich plate for the oil pressure and oil temp gauge sensors which went rather smoothly. My oil temp gauge was broken and missing the cable between the gauge and the sensor, so I finally managed to find a replacement gauge and cable on Yahoo Japan and got those installed as well. I gave my garage floor a bath with some fresh coolant while installing the GReddy coolant temp sensor as well. The coolant leak turned out to be a loose clamp on one of the lines under the intake manifold, so I got that fixed up too. Hopefully this is the end of the car leaking fluids for a while. It feels really good to have all of the gauges working properly now!


It’s been about sixteen days since I took my Koguchi Power hood to the body shop. I guess they have been really busy with deer related crashes and whatnot which I suppose is understandable. Really hoping they have it done in the next couple days so that I can see it on the car. The car has been back together and sitting for a little over a week waiting for the hood which has been bumming me out, so last night I finally gave in and put the stock hood back on and drove it to the office today. It feels great to be driving the car. I just want to put as many miles on it as I can before winter arrives!


We leave for Final Bout 27 days from today. Hopefully the car is in good shape for the trip! I can’t wait to see everyone again. Road trips are the best.


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