I didn’t end up doing much of anything with my car last week aside from washing it after the Illinois trip and parking it back in the garage. Last night I removed the hood and strapped it on top of the Highlander to deliver it to the body shop to be painted. I’m really excited to see it on the car. Hopefully it will be done later this week.

I snapped this photo downtown on my way to work while checking the straps before getting on the highway and I thought it turned out kind of cool. I’ll have to come down here and take some pics on my way in some morning with the S13. Makes for a nice and quiet backdrop when all of the parking spaces are empty.

While the hood is being painted, I decided to finally install the oversize oil pan that Canton Racing sent to me. I am also installing an S14 oil strainer while I am in there. I got about half way done last night. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get the new pan on there tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

I am also going to install my GReddy sensor adapters for the oil sensors and the water temp gauge sensor so that I can get those working. The oil temp gauge I bought from someone on Zilvia doesn’t work, so I still need to grab a replacement for that at some point and then the gauges will finally be sorted out.

Aside from finishing those tasks up this week I don’t have a lot on the horizon. There’s a coolant leak somewhere on the passenger side that I need to find while the car is in the air. I am worried it’s one of the lines under the intake manifold that are a huge pain to get to. I sure do miss my GReddy manifold at times like this, haha. Shouldn’t be too bad though hopefully. I’m just planning to enjoy the car and be content with it for the rest of the summer. Really looking forward to Final Bout II as well- I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up!

I’ll take some photos and post them up when the car is back together, hopefully be the end of the week. Thanks for reading!


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