Thank goodness. This week has gone fairly quickly, and while I am grateful for that, it just means I am that much closer to needing to get my car finished. It’s been really cold and snowing the last couple of days so I have been relaxing instead of working on the car. It doesn’t help that I am waiting on a couple of things before I can really make some good progress.

I did manage to swap diff covers the other night and make sure the 2 way is all sealed up (went a little ham with the RTV, lol.) I’ll likely see if I can’t get that installed over the weekend. It will be good to have that out of the way!

My catalytic converter arrived a couple days ago too, so maybe I’ll get that and the Trust DD bolted up this weekend too. I am really anxious to hear it- and I should probably let the car run for a while anyway since it has been a few weeks since I started it up.

Finally, here’s a photo of the Model Vs with the tires mounted up. Excited to see them on the car!

The weather is really supposed to improve late next week and hopefully a lot of the final pieces I need will be here then as well. That should be the perfect time to make one last big push to get this car together and ready for adventure. I’m a bit anxious and nervous, but I’m looking forward to everything coming together!

Have a great weekend.


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