Daily Update

Not much to report today. My pair of 225/40/18 Kenda Kaisers showed up yesterday so I packed those up with the Model Vs this morning to have the tires mounted by a friend. Looking forward to seeing these on the car.

My friend Tim sent me this photo of my S14 arms. I was planning to spray bomb the control arms when I got them back from the bushing/ball joint install but he was kind enough to have a friend toss them in with a batch of powdercoating he was doing. Pretty nice!

My catalytic converter will be here today which will allow me to bolt the exhaust up as soon as the diff is installed. I’m hoping to swap the diff cover onto the 2 way tonight and toss the new diff into the car if I can find the time to do it. The replacement axle will likely arrive on Monday so that portion of the install will have to wait. The Whiteline bushings for my control arms will arrive Monday as well, so with any luck I’ll have the control arms back from Tim by late next week and I can finish all of the work under the car.

At that point I’ll really just be waiting for the rest of the kouki aero to arrive. I’m starting to get a bit worried about that, but at least I could still drive the car if I really wanted to. It just won’t look cool which would really be a bummer.


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2 Responses to Daily Update

  1. Lawrence says:

    Saw the AVS wheels and got so excited. Thought you was switching up wheels loll. Then I read the following posts before this one.

    Can’t wait to see this thing with the oem back on it.

    • Haha thanks man! I’m really excited too. I’m hoping to pick up a 17″ front pair to complete the set and switch between those and the TEs. Would be pretty nice!

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