My apprentices Hattie and Alexi helped me install the new K&N air filter on the car last night. I would love to have a cooler intake and filter at some point like the GReddy setup I had on the car years ago, but the filter I was using was in terrible shape and really needed to be replaced. This should get the job done just fine (and honestly probably works a lot better than a GReddy sponge filter, despite not being nearly as cool.)

We also swapped the East Bear mirrors back to the Ganadors ahead of the trip to Final Bout III tomorrow. Hattie then proceed to complete some last minute sticker tuning before FB3.

After the kids went to bed I washed the car, as is customary before a road trip. This also ensures that it will rain at some point during the trip.

Currently counting the minutes until departure. A good friend of mine will be stopping by for lunch today on his way to Shawano, so I’ll be sure to post about that tomorrow before I roll out.

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