My good friend Liam stopped by yesterday on his way from Toronto to Chicago in his beautiful URAS R34. Needless to say I was pretty geeked to hear this thing rolling up to my office.

We gassed up his car, grabbed some lunch, and went back to my house to hang out for a little bit during my lunch break. A new roof was being installed on my home so unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos in my driveway like we had hoped, but at least we still have proof that Liam was here with his car.

My daughters were waiting for “Uncle Liam” with custom coloring pages in tow. It was cool to be able to hang out for a bit and get a bit of the pre-Final Bout feels going as I was not going to be departing until the following afternoon.

I am going bonkers looking forward to this trip! Just a few short hours and I will be on the road. I want to take one more moment to thank my incredible wife for watching our three daughters (and one annoying dog) for the weekend, especially right before our oldest starts kindergarten next week. You’re amazing for allowing me to do this!

I’ll be on the road soon- come find me at Final Bout III and say hello! Back next week with a recap of the trip. Have a safe and fun long weekend!


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