It’s Nearly That Time…

After enjoying temps in the high 70s and even the low 80s earlier this week, a nasty front has moved into Michigan bringing with it some temperatures that are more accurate for this time of year in the mitten state. The forecast from here on out appears to feature highs in the mid 50s and lows in the mid to high 30s reminding me that it’s only a matter of time before the snow begins to fall- meaning that the road salt will rear its ugly head and it will once again be time to put my car away for the season.

Knowing how this process tends to go, I have been trying to drive the car rain or shine this week. I took it to an off site meeting I needed to attend for work on Wednesday about an hour away despite the forecast looking pretty rainy and had a blast spending some quiet and reflective time on some back roads a friend recommended. The route I took is often used by Car and Driver execs for road tests and comparison articles so it was filled with many twists and turns in addition to elevation changes. The trees and country scenery is awesome this time of year as the leaves are changing.

I’m planning to drive my car to Jake’s memorial service outside of Chicago two weeks from today, followed by one more trek up to US Air in Shawano, Wisconsin to continue celebrating his life at the final Club FR D Day event of the season. It will be a somber time given the circumstances, but I also believe everyone will have a great time- just as Jake would want us to. Hopefully the weather won’t be too cold and nasty and the car will make one more trek there and back before the season closes without any major issues.

Prior to that trip I need to replace my brake rotors and pads as the fronts have become a bit warped for whatever reason. They are four years old after all though, so I guess it is to be expected. I’ll give the car a quick peek once it is in the air but hopefully I don’t find any other nasty surprises.

As for this winter, I don’t really have any major changes planned at all at this moment. I am feeling really content with the car aside from a couple of minor issues that have been there for a while. Paint is always something I want, but something I can definitely live without for the foreseeable future. Being able to drive and enjoy the car every day definitely keeps me content. It’s when I am not able to do that for several months that my minds starts to wander a bit. We’ll see what the future holds!

Thanks as always for checking in. Hopefully I’ll have some actual car-related content coming soon. I do have a couple things I would like to discuss when I am able to. Have an excellent weekend!


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