Here’s how my interior sits at the moment. Jimmy helped me out by selling me his NeXt Miracle Cross bar which I am super excited about. Most of the interior items are here as well, I just need to take the time to put it all together. Defi Link Meters (60mm white face), Bride Zeta II & Ergo, Nardi Classic 350mm, etc. Only items left to acquire for the interior will be a Defi oil pressure gauge, perhaps some red Bride fabric again, and a Bride FG seat rail since the Nagisa rail I had interfered with the trunk/gas tank latch and was driving me bonkers.

I had to source and reinstall another set of 180SX seatbelts, a DIN pocket, shift boot, digital climate control, and center dash vent as those items were missing when I got the car back. I still need plastics for the rear seat area as well.

I’ve been really torn lately on how I want to handle the interior treatment. Part of me wants to run a full interior again since I have virtually everything I need, but another part of me wants to run a more gutted interior like Itai and Itoh. I know that their cars were not street cars though and a gutted interior would probably stink on the street. But at the same time, I won’t be able to drive the car as much as I used to as I pick my kids up from daycare two days a week. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad?

Here are a couple pics of my interior from years past:

This was in 2010. Bride Zeta III Type L (all black), Nardi deep corn 330mm, NISMO GT shift knob, AEM gauges, DMAX mats, 180SX passenger and back seat, etc. No fancy bars. I kind of like the black/subtle look sometimes.

2011: Added a Cusco dash escape cage, Defi Advance CR gauges, Bride Zeta III black gradation, and a Tomei shift knob.

End of 2011- At this point I think I added a NeXt Miracle Cross brace, Cusco diagonal cage bar, Bride Zeros, Bride Ergo, and digital climate control. No more back seat.

2012 is when things got pretty wild. I added a Do Luck floor bar, Takata harness, Pivot controller, red Bride fabric accents, red DMAX mats, Nardi Classic 330mm, and a Pivot shift knob.

I want to keep some of the same styling this time as I really liked a lot of aspects of the interior in the car’s previous life. I’m considering changing a few things up:

  • NISMO GT shift knob
  • Bride Zeta II
  • Defi Link Meter white face gauges mounted in dash
  • Safety 21 7 point roll cage (picking this up over the holidays)
  • Old school DVD player (Kind of like my tape deck though… lol)
  • Red Bride fabric (how much? Less than before, but undecided…)
  • Gutted rear interior with seat brackets removed (undecided)
  • Mats with smaller checkers (should be here next week)

My hope is that the result will have a similar feel to Itai’s interior, but I really like Itoh’s as well. I’ll probably only do the door cards in red fabric this time, possibly the glove box- but I will not do the arm rest or shift boot. I’m not really planning to run a Pivot knob as it was not very comfortable, people want crazy money for them, and I don’t want my wife to make fun of me again. lol.

Itai’s interior:

Itoh’s interior:

We’ll see how it turns out when it is all assembled, but I am excited. What would you do? Gut, strip, and paint the interior like Itoh and Itai? Or leave it similar to how it was when I had the car previously and keep the full interior? I might try it out, and if I don’t like it I will put the interior back in. Could be a lot of work though, haha.

Have an awesome weekend!


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19 Responses to Interior

  1. codygarcia says:

    I’d leave full interior, if you want to actually drive the car, you’ll want some of that sound deadening.

    As far as the Bride fabric, I’d do door cards at most. End of 2011 spec was your interior’s high point IMO.

    • Thanks for the opinion! I did like the black fabric a lot. I’m thinking door cards and possibly glove box at the very most. Most of the sound deadening has been stripped for years, but the interior carpets mufflle a lot no doubt.

  2. SikofFalln says:

    Leave it like it was with the rear plastics and the carpet. That looks really clean. I wouldn’t cut holes in the dash to mount gauges like Itai’s car either.

  3. Tier Dolo says:

    Gut/strip/paint but keep carpet and interior on deck for when you do want to run carpet, seats etc. only down side is no sound deadning, but you will have the best of both worlds.

  4. Id say do this: strip out rear of car and cut out seat points, paint to match exterior color. Install safety 21 and mirin X bar. Use small checkered floor mats and mount all gauges in dash with a double din screen that loops D1 crash kings dvd.

  5. Also nardi classic 330 forever.

  6. look like you start from the beginning. its a new start with your 240 🙂

  7. bhworld says:

    as close to Itai as possible!

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