Cruisin’ Into the Weekend

Yesterday afternoon welcomed a pleasant surprise that ended up cutting my inspection of the car a bit short. My wife and daughters met up with my mother-in-law during the day yesterday at a mall about an hour from our home to shop for some new clothes for Kinsey before she starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks while I was at work. They were still shopping toward the end of the day and asked if I would like to drive out to meet them for dinner. The heavy rain that had moved through earlier that morning had cleared, so I decided it would be fun to drive the 180 there and get a decent cruise in. After arriving home from the office and quickly tossing the rear wheels back on, I was on my way.

Quick shot in the mall parking garage before heading out for home.

It was very hot and humid yesterday here in Michigan, but it was an awesome drive- even despite the rush hour traffic. I realized that the Woodward dream cruise is taking place this weekend, so tons of cars were out and about heading over there to cruise. Woodward is essentially a 4-5 lane road in the Detroit suburbs that has been a destination for muscle cars to cruise/race up and down for decades. It’s busy every weekend during the summer, but especially insane during the Dream Cruise. I’ve never actually attended the event in my car as it is always jam-packed, but I’ve enjoyed cruising the strip a few times in the S13 over the years on random summer weekends.

Everything went smoothly on the drive home, our Sienna and my four ladies in tow. While drives like this were once an almost daily occurrence for me, I’ve got a special appreciation for them now. Nothing helps relax and clear your mind like a cruise on a warm summer evening.

I hesitate to even say this, but the car seems to be running pretty well. I’m currently knocking on my wooden desk hoping that is the case for the trip to and from Wisconsin two weeks from today. The anticipation is building!

Have an excellent weekend.


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