Creating Content vs. Being Content

In my recent attempts to put more effort into the content I create both here on my blog and on Instagram, I’ve come to realize there is a fine line between creating original content for others to consume and enjoy, and being content with what you already have. This applies to many different types of accounts that create original content, but I am going to look at it purely from the angle of building and enjoying a project car.

I believe there are two main types of Instagram accounts out there today when it comes to cars- people that create their own content, and people that recycle content created by others. Both have their time and place in a way, but I’ve always been appreciative of the automotive enthusiast that are actually trying to accomplish something by providing us with their own original content- whether that be writing, photography, sharing their personal builds, or a combination of all three. I have taken a lot of pride in documenting my builds over the years- especially when people reach out to me and tell me that my content has inspired or influenced them in some way. All I ever really wanted to get out of sharing my build online was a dialogue with like-minded individuals and an archive to look back on as years passed to remind myself of the things I experienced- the challenges as well as the victories along the way. Life moves so fast and it’s always difficult to remember the details of your experience, so having a written log to look back on in the future is invaluable.

After getting enough positive feedback on my build, I decided to put a bit more into not only the writing I do here, but also into my Instagram account. I’ve been trying to post higher quality content on my IG account more frequently, but this can be challenging during the winter months here in Michigan as my car is in storage. I have always been hesitant to continually post old photos as it feels repetitive to me, but people seem to enjoy the content. A lot of time has passed since the original build as well, so there are always people that are seeing the various stages of my car for the first time. I’ve been impressed with the engagement and feedback, so I am hoping to continue to post like this until the weather breaks and I can start offering new content related to both of my S13 builds.

With this recent undertaking, I have sometimes caught myself feeling pressured to produce new content or to make progress on my cars. This can lead to rushing things, making poor decisions, or providing less than quality content. I’ve had to remind myself that if a new blog post isn’t made each and every Friday it isn’t the end of the world. Not each post I create every week needs to feature a bunch of shiny new parts or groundbreaking progress or changes to either of the cars- because let’s face it, that just isn’t reality. Building a car takes a massive amount of time and money. There are many setbacks along the way. Motivation tends to come and go, deliveries are delayed, kids get sick, work gets busy, etc.

In a world where just about everything is at our fingertips and available to us in seconds, it’s important to remind ourselves that good things take time. Your project car build is yours and yours alone. You don’t owe it to anyone but yourself to achieve your goals in a specific time frame. Don’t let the pressure to create or be relevant push you into making decisions that aren’t the right ones for you. Stick to the plan you laid out for yourself instead of making knee-jerk decisions just to stay in the spotlight.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck around here over the years and anyone new that might be stopping by. And thank you to everyone out there that is creating meaningful and original automotive content for the rest of us to enjoy- it’s a rare thing to find these days. Genuine and passionate individuals can be few and far between, so thank you for your contributions to the community!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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2 Responses to Creating Content vs. Being Content

  1. Olly says:

    Great ramble mate. Will be interesting to see how you progress once the car is ‘done’ i.e. paint and everything else completed.. will you sail off into the sunset and enjoy a Sunday drive occasionally? or was that the whole reason for the S13 build?

    I built the 100 very quickly – 4 months and it was done… I guess that has advantages and disadvantages.. More driving but less time in the garage tinkering which is the fun part haha.

    • I totally know what you mean. I have already made way more progress on the coupe than I thought I would and need to slow down a bit. I definitely agree that the build is the best part.

      That’s a good thought though- if I do manage to pull off finishing this coupe, I am not really sure what I will do to keep me busy. I guess time will tell! Kind of silly when you really think about it, haha.

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