Garage Reset

Not a whole lot to report this week, but I am pleased to say the black ’89 coupe I have been parting out left the garage earlier today, as well as the two single cam KA engines that came with it. I didn’t expect the engines to sell at the same time, but the buyer of the chassis decided to snag those as well. So nice to have these things out of my garage! I typically don’t have luck finding a reliable buyer for the shell itself so this was a pleasant surprise.

I’ve only got a small amount of items left floating around in the garage- namely the carpet and a couple different interior plastics that people will hopefully be coming to claim next week. I’m really excited to completely clean things out and bring my coupe back into the garage tonight. It will feel awesome to be organized and back on track. Now I just need to resist any tempting cars that might pop up in the near future and get some work done. We’ll see how that pans out…

Hopefully I will have more to report next Friday for you, but I wanted to try to get back into the groove of sharing a weekly update. If you happen to use Instagram, I still have a few miscellaneous parts left from recent part outs for sale in my story highlights. Feel free to check it out and drop me a line if there’s anything you need.

Thanks as always for stopping by. Have a great weekend! Happy tuning.


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